Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I’m only an EWO, but....

My desk is in the S-6 or Communications Shop (as was my predecessor’s, as well as hers). It’s fun. It’s entertaining. These guys are in charge of the classified and unclassified networks, phone systems - you name it. If it’s IT or commo related, it’s theirs.

So I have a few questions:

First - what good is an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) if it can be interrupted? Especially if it powers EVERYTHING in the shop? Just a simple question. You wanna watch these guys sweat? When the interruptible power supply lives up to its name and the little blinky lights on the front of EVERY electronic box in the rack go cold, dark, and quiet.....wait, everything except the now-interrupted power supply which is suddenly beeping pitifully like an EKG.....these guys start sweating and start swapping cords around like an old-fashioned switchboard operator (without the glasses and lipstick).

Oh, and I think I mentioned the phones stopped working too, right? So that means that everyone who lost network connectivity, phones and radios is going to come down to the office and ask the same question: “Hey, do you guys know why my phone/radio/computer doesn’t work?”

My suggestion was to put on party hats and start doing the limbo using the end of the power cord for the UPS. That way we could just look at everyone as they came in the office with a look like “What on earth are you talking about and why aren’t you dancing?” The other part to my suggestion didn’t make sense: have the stereo playing really loud with a bubble machine going. Yeah, that wouldn’t work ‘cause it would have to be plugged into the UPS too.
They asked me to leave.......

Next - How can any country in the world have an internet connection that’s slower than dial-up?!?!?!?! Come on - we’re 7 and a half years into the new millennium. How? Until this gets fixed, there’s not a lot of hope for a stable society over here. Sorry.