Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The lingo......

In case you’re wondering, communication can sometimes be a little slow because I hear “Army” then I have to convert to “Navy” then process the info and translate my response back into “Army.”
Here are some examples (check back frequently because I’ll update as I run into more terms):

Battle - Short for Battle Buddy
Battle Buddy - The person you’re stuck to since the ‘buddy system’ is used at all times.
DFAC - Dining Facility
Dirt Dart - Someone who faints during formation or PT (physical training)
Drill - Short for Drill Sergeant
Drill Sergeant
- The person who wears a funny hat and sunglasses and never seems to be happy (21 years ago I was intimidated, now it’s just like having an ex-wife - only he’s better looking and not as loud).
Get Away Sticks - Your legs. ‘nuff said
Hooah - the Army term for anything from ‘yes’ to...well, just about anything. See
Major - That’s what the Army calls a Navy Lieutenant Commander.
Musket - What the troops call my Navy-issued M-16. The M-4 is much smaller and EVERYBODY (unless you’re Navy) has them! Maybe they’re making fun of me?
Muzzle Loader - see Musket
Ricky Recon - He’s the guy who runs around with knives in every pocket (and one held in his teeth), bandoliers across both shoulders, and every other gizmo a soldier could think of carrying (until he actually has to take all that crap in the field) strapped on him somewhere - none of it is dirty.
Too Easy - an affirmative response to just about any question - similar to Hooah. Kinda means everything you want it to.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hello muddah, hello faddah...

This isn’t exactly Camp Grenada, but I’m sure it’s close.
There was a point where I wondered if I’d actually get here. I was able to get a flight from D.C. direct to New Orleans then rode over with Lisa the next afternoon to Pensacola.
The whole clan rode out with me to Ft McCrady today. Stopped at Hardee’s for breakfast. Haven’t done that in a while.
Went to Ft Jackson, got directions to McGrady. Checked in in time to throw everything on a bunk, claim a locker (slim pick-ins since almost all the remaining lockers had broken doors/locks ) and say good bye to everyone so I could go over to the gym for the in brief.
After a couple of hours of paperwork and death by Powerpoint, it was time to break up into groups by Company. We then went over for another company welcome aboard brief then broke up into our platoons. We then got to meet our platoon seargents. Sgt Holmes’ silver-rimmed sunglasses are about even with my chin. He’s almost 6 feet - with the smokey bear. This will be fun I can tell already. Pictures to follow.....
First formation is at 5:15 in the morning. Have I mentioned that I may be too old for this?!?!?!?!