Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The lingo......

In case you’re wondering, communication can sometimes be a little slow because I hear “Army” then I have to convert to “Navy” then process the info and translate my response back into “Army.”
Here are some examples (check back frequently because I’ll update as I run into more terms):

Battle - Short for Battle Buddy
Battle Buddy - The person you’re stuck to since the ‘buddy system’ is used at all times.
DFAC - Dining Facility
Dirt Dart - Someone who faints during formation or PT (physical training)
Drill - Short for Drill Sergeant
Drill Sergeant
- The person who wears a funny hat and sunglasses and never seems to be happy (21 years ago I was intimidated, now it’s just like having an ex-wife - only he’s better looking and not as loud).
Get Away Sticks - Your legs. ‘nuff said
Hooah - the Army term for anything from ‘yes’ to...well, just about anything. See
Major - That’s what the Army calls a Navy Lieutenant Commander.
Musket - What the troops call my Navy-issued M-16. The M-4 is much smaller and EVERYBODY (unless you’re Navy) has them! Maybe they’re making fun of me?
Muzzle Loader - see Musket
Ricky Recon - He’s the guy who runs around with knives in every pocket (and one held in his teeth), bandoliers across both shoulders, and every other gizmo a soldier could think of carrying (until he actually has to take all that crap in the field) strapped on him somewhere - none of it is dirty.
Too Easy - an affirmative response to just about any question - similar to Hooah. Kinda means everything you want it to.

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